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Web-based Record Keeping System
designed for use by public and private Montessori programs. Hosted on Microsoft Azure.

    MontAlign® offers state of the art online record keeping systems to Montessori schools to help you organize your students and teachers in one area.

MontAlign® is secure, personal and powerful.

There is nothing else like MontAlign® on the market today.

    Each MontAlign® account will be set up with its own database for ease of customization and a higher level of security. Your school will receive its own MontAlign™ subdomain complete with your schools logo and personalized log in.

    MontAlign® is very easy to use and has the following features:

Montessori Record Keeping

Administrators can:

  • Easily keep up-to-date on student enrollment, including current, future, pending, and former students
  • Update and edit Montessori skill sets
  • Manage multiple campuses and learning environments
  • Easily manage student placement and registration
  • Have immediate access to student progress
  • Access historical student records from early childhood through middle school
  • Monitor student progress to assist with the creation of professional development programs
  • Grant different security levels of access such as administrator, head educator, assistant, specialist, or global educator
  • See current and past faculty contact information and monitor professional certification progress
  • Print reports on enrollment, academics, and faculty information.
Montessori Record Keeping

Faculty can:

  • Manage student records online on secure database
  • Only access current classroom information
  • Accept new students with detailed knowledge of previous progress
  • Send on students with up-to-date records that require no paper or printing
  • Plan with a “standardized” skill set that is consistent with a three-year cycle and editable for school-based decision-making.
  • Raise or lower student progress indicators based on current level of mastery (1-5 rating scale)
  • View historical data to identify gaps in achievement or the need for advancement Immediately access parent contact, custody, and student health information

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