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About the MontAlign™ Project

    MontAlign™ was developed by administrators and teachers at Island Village Montessori Charter School in Venice, Florida beginning in 2005. We are still making improvements to the program, but are ready to serve the needs of others schools. MontAlign™ is one of the only mastery based student record keeping programs of its kind. The original funding for the program was through a Charter School Dissemination Grant awarded by the State of Florida.

    MontAlign™ designed for Montessori schools in both the private and public sector to track student progress across classrooms in a way that "standardizes" best practice within a school setting without giving up the Montessori philosophy of individualized progress.

    MontAlign™ travels with the student from classroom to classroom, level to level from 3 years of age through 8th grade. As a result, teachers do not have to start from scratch every time a new student enters their classroom if they have been a student the previous year. MontAlign™ is practical, easy to use from the teacher's perspective, and a real assistance to administrators who are ultimately accountable for student progress.

    Ultimately, a student record can be transferred to other Montessori schools who use MontAlign™ so that even new students can begin where they left off in every subject area. With MontAlign™, there is no need to waste valuable educational time giving assessments to new students.

There is nothing else like MontAlign™ on the market today.

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