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Frequently Asked Questions about MontAlign® Recordkeeping Software.

Q: How is MontAlign® different?
A: MontAlign® is the only mastery-based student record keeping system that also tracks test scores and aligns Montessori curriculum to state standards. It is Internet based, so that teachers and administrators have access at home as well as in school for more convenient planning.

Q: Is MontAlign® only for Montessori schools or will it work for other types of charter and magnet schools?
A: Absolutely. While MontAlign® was originally designed for a public Montessori school, its developers took into consideration the needs of other types of schools that may be interested in similar capabilities.

Q: Will MontAlign® work for private Montessori schools as well as public schools?
A: Yes. The test data page can be altered to include any standardized testing given at your school.

Q: What are the benefits of keeping my schools records on MontAlign®?
A: MontAlign® is designed to track student records throughout their enrollment at your school. The skill sets start at the 3-6 level, continue through elementary and middle school.

Although the default skill-set templates are designed for districts and states that have K-5th grade elementary and 6-8th grade middle school programs, the skills sets can be redesigned by the school's administrator to work with the goals of individual schools.

Each student record has current phone numbers and pick up information, including custody and health alerts so the teacher can keep up with office records. Exceptional student education and previous Montessori experience are also indicated.

Each student will have an individualized test record that can be accessed by teachers and ESE specialists to assist with IEP and EP planning for learning disabled and gifted students.

Alignment of the Montessori skill sets to state standards can be changed at the school level.

Administrators have 24 hour access to all student records and can better plan professional development programs to meet the current needs of the faculty.

Administrator set the access privileges for teachers, office staff, specialists, and other administrators.

Q: How do I install Montalign® on my computer?
A: You do not need to install anything on your computer. MontAlign® is a web-based recordkeeping system. All your records are kept on our secure servers and may be accessed from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Q: MontAlign® is web-based software, how often is it backed up in case of a crash?
A: MontAlign® databases are backed up every night. This is actually one of the best reasons to keep your schools records on MontAlign®. There is absolutely no need to worry about system failures or crashes to your computers.

Q: Our school is small but we expect to grow quickly. Will MontAlign® be able to keep up with our growth?
A: Yes. MontAlign® is designed to handle both small schools and large. There are virtually no limits to the size of your database capabilities and MontAlign® can be reconfigured to fit your school as you grow.

Q: We are currently using another recordkeeping software. Will it be compatible with MontAlign?
A: Perhaps. As long as your current software will export information to MS Excel it can be loaded into
MontAlign®. While there is no direct way to import records into MontAlign®, our developers can help you to map your spreadsheet so that it will "fit" into MontAlign®.


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